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Review of @AOC-led interviews about GameStop

Review of @AOC-led interviews about GameStop

@AOC, member of the house Financial Services committee, does a great job interviewing an industry watchdog, Reddit Co-Founder, and the Stock guy about GameStop

Congresswoman @AOC, who sits on the Financial Regulations Committee does a brilliant job on Twitch  with the GameStop story.  

1m 45 seconds starts

32m 10 sec.  Reddit + Stock Guy 

1hr 20 min total

She starts by  interviewing Wall Street Watchdog Alexis Goldstein. Alexis clearly explains how the system works.   Alexis mentions her article.

But the article was too technical for me.  The interview was just right.  

Then @AOC interviews reddit co-founder Alexis Ohanian and The Stock Guy

The Stock Guy gives voice to the position of the small investor.  Alexis points out that increasingly the internet allows groups of people to work together and challenge the power structures.  Like we are doing here.

They all agree that the problem is not the small investor, it is the corrupt system, which even allows the powerful to blame the small investor. 

AOC goes from there into the social malinvestment in Wall Street trading software. And why the legislature created such a broken incentive structure. 

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