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Edit 1 Cuando España Perdió el Rumbo La fachada terciopelada del Presidente del Gobierno de España, Pedro Sánchez, encubre su carácter autoritario

Edit 2 Spain’s Worrying Turn The beguiling façade of Prime Minister Pedro Sánchez hides an authoritarian bent

Edit 3 🎧 The Weaponization of Nostalgia Trump's presidency, Brexit, and the mishandling of a global pandemic have made Douglas Alexander deeply concerned about the “powerful weaponization of nostalgia.” 

Edit 4 The Other Navalnys Here are four lesser-known dissidents around the world who deserve your attention. How do they find the courage?

Edit 5 This Week at Persuasion Join us for happy hour this Thursday!

Edit 6 Dark Days for Democracy Year after year, repressive regimes keep curtailing freedom. 2020 brought a new low.

Edit 7 David Bromwich: Milton on Censorship Suppressors of “harmful” speech today evoke censors of old. But tasting from the Tree of Knowledge won’t ruin us.

Edit 8 🎧 Intent Matters Yascha Mounk and Emily Yoffe sit down to discuss the hallmarks of cancelation, why intent matters, and how we can recover our capacity to converse freely.

Edit 9 Amnesty’s Disgrace The rights organization shunned Navalny. It's what Putin would've wanted.

Edit 10 This Week at Persuasion Join us on March 16th for a discussion with Yascha Mounk, Garry Kasparov and Eliot Higgins of Bellingcat.

Edit 11 The Warped Vision of “Anti-Racism” It's perfect for affluent whites who want to be heroes of a story about justice

Edit 12 The Rising Threat on Campuses Younger academics are more willing to seek dismissal of divergent colleagues, a new report shows

Edit 13 Speaking the Truth Heed the words of Frederick Douglass. Moral outcomes depend on open discussion.

Edit 14 🎧 What You Miss About the World If You Only Study Students at Harvard Yascha Mounk and Joseph Henrich sit down to discuss “WEIRD” people and how new technologies might disrupt traditional bonds between human beings.

Edit 15 The Ticking Rage Bomb Trump wasn't an aberration, but part of a global revolt

Edit 16 This Week At Persuasion Happening now: Book club with Yascha Mounk, Garry Kasparov, and Eliot Higgins, founder of Bellingcat.

Edit 17 Don’t Ignore Myanmar The people won’t accept another military takeover. Neither should we.

Edit 18 Beware of Books! A new moralism is gripping the literary world, treating grownups like children

Edit 19 A Dangerous Attack on Academic Freedom An Open Letter to the Trustees, Administrators, and Faculty of Ashoka University

Edit 20 🎧 How to Save the Internet Yascha Mounk and Clay Shirky sit down to discuss how and whether to regulate the virtual public square.

Edit 21 The Insiders' Game GameStop was a warning: Elites are weaponizing censorship to keep the outsiders out

Edit 22 Race Isn’t Just Black and White People of mixed race are ignored. It’s time to acknowledge our identity and insights.

Edit 23 Is Social Media to Blame for It All? Yascha Mounk and Kara Swisher discuss the role of social media in populist politics and whether online vitriol is an accurate reflection of public opinion.

Edit 24 China’s Brutality Cannot Be Ignored Biden must push back against the persecution of the Uyghur minority

Edit 25 This Week At Persuasion A book club with Fareed Zakaria!

Edit 26 How Does “Brazil's Trump” Hold On? A Covid nightmare consumes his country yet the far-right Bolsonaro has found a formula for success

Edit 27 Can We Build a More Rational World? Can we build a more rational world?

Edit 28 What the Old Don't Get About the Woke There's a new generation gap, with the middle-aged and college kids scorning each other. Both sides are wrong.

Edit 29 This Week at Persuasion Join us for live events with Fareed Zakaria and Ira Glasser!

Edit 30 14 Reasons that Democracy Survived As Biden takes power, let's recall the institutions and individuals who resisted Trump's violations

Edit 31 Is It Wrong to Believe in Racial Progress?  Listen now | Yascha Mounk Talks to Glenn Loury

Edit 32 If You Want Peace, Study War Colleges are turning against the history of military conflict. But we forget these lessons at our peril.

Edit 33 This Week at Persuasion Book club today!

Edit 34 Shakespeare Wasn't Woke The #DisruptTexts movement is pushing teachers to ditch the classics. It's depriving children of their heritage.

Edit 35 Italy’s Long Covid This week, coronavirus pushed the government to the brink of collapse. But political fallout from the pandemic is just beginning.

Edit 36 🎧 How to Strengthen American Democracy Listen now | Yascha Mounk talks to Jonah Goldberg about the assault on the U.S. Capitol and whether to impeach Donald Trump.

Edit 37 I dressed in blackface back in college. Can I atone? And other questions for Persuasion’s advice columnist

Edit 38 Lionel Barber: Trump & Truth Facing a dishonest president, journalists sought “moral clarity.” But the press must now resurrect its ideals of fairness.

Edit 39 What Should Biden Say? In his inaugural address, Lincoln spoke to a divided nation. The incoming president should echo those words.

Edit 40 Facts in Flames Trump's dishonesty reminds us why we must preserve documents. Even in the Digital Age, archivists are crucial.

Edit 41 This Week at Persuasion A New Year at Persuasion!

Edit 42 The Woke Future Imagine a West where liberal ideals have shriveled away. Could the “Successor Ideology” be taking over?

Edit 43 The Made-Up Conspiracy A Republican bid to deny Biden's victory is another worrying Trumpist disinformation ploy

Edit 44 Why Education Fails to Advance Equality  Listen now | Yascha Mounk talks to Freddy deBoer about education, intelligence, and equality.

Edit 45 My family hates my politics. How do I respond? Fight or flight? And other questions for Persuasion’s advice columnist

Edit 46 Fool Britannia Brexit is here, so it’s time to review its grand promises. Spoiler: They got away with lies.

Edit 47 “Nuclear” Shouldn't Frighten You To fight climate change, we need this power source. Still uneasy? Here's what you ought to know.

Edit 48 This Week at Persuasion Get your Persuasion mug, shirt or tote bag!

Edit 49 Brutal in the Bedroom Casual sex is increasingly violent. Wasn't #MeToo supposed to improve matters?

Edit 50 Make America Sane Again Trump has dominated the GOP for too long. We need a center-right party to restore reason.

Edit 51 Thank You Persuasion has been a bigger success than I could have imagined. And it's all because of you.

Edit 52 Why I'm Losing Trust in the Institutions Yascha Mounk: The CDC came scarily close to adopting a plan that would have killed thousands of Americans.

Edit 53 The Best Way to Lose an Election Listen now | Yascha Mounk and David Shor

Edit 54 For Americans to Lead, They Must Travel U.S. college kids see Big Ben more than Beijing. They’ll be unprepared for a global future.

Edit 55 Remember Martin Luther King Jr.? Kendi's antiracism won't work, but King's does. It is time to revive the nonviolence movement.

Edit 56 This Week at Persuasion Join us for Happy Hour!

Edit 57 To Fight Climate Change, Get Real Activists want the Democrats to transform America. That isn't happening.

Edit 58 Mind the Gap What politicians cook up isn't necessarily what people want. This “representation gap” is threatening American democracy.

Edit 59 How Can Joe Biden Strengthen Democracy Around the World? Listen now | Yascha Mounk and Thomas Wright discuss practical ways to prevent democratic backsliding.

Edit 60 They Accused Me of Bigotry for Criticizing a Podcast. What to Do? And other questions for Persuasion's advice columnist

Edit 61 “Shame on you!” Moral grandstanding is more than tiresome. It's pushing people to extremes.

Edit 62 This Week at Persuasion Join us for a Discussion of Mill Town: Reckoning with What Remains

Edit 63 The Battle for Israel Will illiberal nationalism snuff out the founders' ideals? Or can the Jewish state remain a liberal democracy?

Edit 64 Who Belongs in the Republican Party? The GOP must disavow Trump's xenophobia and open itself to a changing America

Edit 65 Is There Hope for Humanity? (Yes.)  Yascha Mounk and Rutger Bregman discuss human nature and its implications for contemporary politics.

Edit 66 Lessons of a Black Pioneer Shirley Chisholm blazed a trail in U.S. politics. We need her courage to face today's divisions.

Edit 67 This Week At Persuasion Help us find a Community and Events Manager!

Edit 68 Fight “Cancel Culture” on Campus Universities keep crumpling under pressure. But free inquiry isn’t up for negotiation.

Edit 69 Trump’s Ghost Will Haunt America Disastrous leaders from Mao to Chávez created enduring movements. Trumpism will show Americans how hard it is to escape a political phantom.

Edit 70 🎧 Xi's China Listen now | Yascha Mounk and Minxin Pei talk about China's political evolution since the 1980s.

Edit 71 Must I pick my pronouns? And other questions for Persuasion's advice columnist

Edit 72 When the “Racism” Doesn't Seem Racist To fight bigotry, we must not overuse this term. Otherwise, we risk diluting a vital taboo.

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